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Refrigerated Dryer

Refrigerated Dryer

1.Energy saving

The aluminum alloy three-in-one heat exchanger design minimizes the process loss of cooling capacity and improves the recovery and utilization of cooling capacity. Under the same processing capacity, the total input power of this model is reduced by 15-3096.


The integrated heat exchanger is equipped with guide fins to allow the compressed air to exchange heat evenly inside. The built-in air-water separation device is equipped with a stainless steel filter to separate the water.

A more complete separation.


Multi-channel temperature and pressure monitoring, real-time display of dew point temperature, automatic recording of cumulative operating time, self-diagnosis function, display of corresponding alarm codes, and automatic protection of equipment.

4.Environmental friendly

In response to the international Montreal Protocol, this series of models all use R1348 and R410a environmentally friendly refrigerants, which have zero damage to the atmosphere and adapt to international Market demand.


Standard constant pressure expansion room and standard intelligent temperature control. In laboratory tests, when the inlet air temperature reaches 659°C and the ambient temperature reaches 42°C, it still operates stably. It also has temperature and pressure double anti-freeze protection, and can operate at low temperatures for a long time. During load operation, the output of the compressor is automatically stopped, and the cooling capacity retained by the aluminum plate exchanger is used to provide heat exchange. While saving energy, it also extends the service life of the equipment.

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