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Application of Kapa permanent magnet air compressor in textile industry

In this issue, Kapa brings you the application case of permanent magnet air compressor in the textile industry. The air jet loom is a very large equipment in the textile industry. At the same time, the air covering wire machine and the loading machine also need to make compressed air; In the chemical fiber industry, slice drying and transportation also require compressed air. Let's take a look at the details of the application of Kappa permanent magnet air compressor in the textile industry.

In view of the long running time, large air consumption, low air pressure, cotton wool and other characteristics of the textile industry machine, combined with the stable air source, clean and oil-free demand, Kappa launched the permanent magnet single-stage low speed low pressure series, permanent magnet double-stage low pressure series, intelligent permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor is the ideal choice, in the post-processing equipment, equipped with precision filters and cold drying machine for purification treatment. Only then can we ensure the stable progress of production and the harm to textile equipment products is reduced to a very low standard.

Whether you are a new air compressor room, or the old air compressor replacement and transformation, Kappa from the old model energy consumption test, air compressor room location, pipeline layout, model configuration, post-processing equipment combination, etc., Kappa for the textile industry enterprises tailored to the aerodynamic solution, and by the professional installation technical team installation, commissioning.

Jiangxi Kapa Gas Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on two-stage compression screw air compressor, permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor, air compressor, screw vacuum pump, blower, consumable spare parts products for many years, always adhere to the combination of product sales and technology development, so as to enhance product value. If you are interested in distributing gas compressor equipment, please contact us for business consultation!

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