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Application of Kapa air compressor in electronics industry

The application range of air compressor is very wide, and it has been applied in many industries. This issue brings you the application of Kapa air compressor in the electronics industry. Let's understand it together!

Nowadays, the development of science and technology is so rapid that mobile phones and computers are becoming more and more popular, and it can be said that everyone has one machine. The components of mobile phones and computers, various components, screens, batteries, etc., behind the production and manufacturing, also contribute to the air compressor. In this paper, we will start from the mobile phone that is almost inseparable from our life, and talk about the association of air compressor in the electronic and electrical industry and our "second life" to reflect the hidden existence of "Kapa air compressor everywhere".

The manufacture of electronic components requires the use of large amounts of compressed air, for example by pneumatically transmitting components or controlling induction valves. The compressed air used is oil-free when needed and has no quality problems. Oil contamination of compressed air can result in significant maintenance costs and, in severe cases, complete shutdown. In the electronics industry, Kappa air compressors are usually used for printed circuit board cleaning, take-and-place machines, etc.

It plays a great role in the production of some high-precision electronic products, the experimental test process, the control and detection of precision instruments, and is mainly used for: panel ash removal, transmission drive, and production protective gas.

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