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The application of Kapa air compressor in the automotive industry

This period of Kapa for you is the use of air compressor in the automotive industry, Kapa air compressor in a variety of industries are very much used in the automotive industry is also very much used, whether it is the manufacture of automobiles or later maintenance are used in the air compressor, the following Kappa to introduce the use of Kappa air compressor in the automotive industry.

1, Can clean the surface of parts

Car parts have a wide variety, complex shape and structure, difficult to clean, the internal and external surfaces of parts are very easy to attach dirt or metal debris, the general cleaning means, it is difficult to do a clean, rain cleanliness on the assembly quality and normal use of the impact is very large, the use of compressed air can clean all kinds of parts.

2. Check the leak site

The gas pipe, oil passage and cooling system on the car often leak to different degrees. In order to find hidden leaks, the parts can be immersed in water or coated with soapy water, and compressed air can be filled to the parts.

3. Dredge the blocked pipes

The bearing road, airway and oil passage in the car are often partially or completely blocked by the entry of foreign matter, and the compressed air can be quickly dredge by filling the compressed air along the opposite of the entry direction of the foreign matter.

4. Hold the air in the hydraulic system

Some cars clutch control system and service brake system using hydraulic system, often need to discharge the air in the hydraulic system, we can take the method of filling compressed air from the mouth of the liquid storage tank, quickly exhaust the air in the system.

5. Remove the stuck moving parts

In the air pressure, hydraulic components or other components, it is often difficult to disassemble the moving parts because of some reason, which can be filled with compressed air to remove the moving parts.

The above is only a part of the use of air compressors in the automotive industry, and there are many other aspects of use that need to be explored.

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