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Advantages of laser cutting air compressor

Jun. 17, 2024

Advantages of laser cutting air compressor

Compared with ordinary industrial air compressors, laser cutting air compressors have the following advantages:

Higher air outlet pressure

The laser cutting process requires high-pressure compressed air of 80-100 PSI.

Laser cutting air compressor can provide higher air outlet pressure to meet the needs of laser cutting.

Higher air cleanliness

Laser cutting has very strict requirements on air cleanliness.

Laser cutting air compressor uses precision filtration technology to provide ultra-clean compressed air.

Lower residual moisture

Moisture will affect the cutting quality during laser cutting.

The laser cutting air compressor uses deep drying to minimize residual moisture.

More stable air outlet performance

Laser cutting has high requirements on the stability of compressed air.

The laser cutting air compressor adopts a professional-grade control system to ensure a high degree of stability in outlet pressure and flow.

Greater durability

The laser cutting environment is relatively harsh and requires high durability of the compressor.

The special air compressor for laser cutting adopts industrial-grade parts and reinforced design, which has a longer service life.

In short, with its advantages of high pressure, high cleanliness, low moisture, high stability and strong durability, laser cutting air compressors can better meet the demanding requirements of the laser cutting process and improve cutting quality and equipment service life.

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